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 Guidelines for this sector. READ BEFORE POSTING.

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PostSubject: Guidelines for this sector. READ BEFORE POSTING.   Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:42 am

There aren't a whole lot of rules for the MOC forum, but there are a few things that are important for everyone to understand.

Making MOC topics.

MOCs and member reviews are on the same topic; you can post as many MOCs as you want in one topic, just as long as you put them all in the first post, that means you'll need to edit your post if you want to add more MOCs after finishing.

Another thing that you need to remember, on this forum it is 100 percent illegal to post MOCs that are not yours. Doing so is considered by us to be a breach of copyright laws, and you will be banned for as long as we think necessary.

Reviewing MOCs.

All members can review MOCs, reviews don't need to be long, and may only consist of a few sentences. Remember that you should not post things like great moc! fantastic! good job!
These are really unnecessary, and you might as well just send the MOCer a message instead of taking up space on the topic. BTW, these posts will be considered spam, and will be deleted.

The best way to review a MOC is to give pointers, neutral suggestions, and things you like about the MOC. Over praising is a MOCer's worst nightmare, because the praiser is probably just doing it to gain post count, and doesn't really like the MOC, meaning the MOCer never gets any critique.

BTW, although there is no punishment for overpraising (unless it's spam), it's annoying to the MOCer. Most builders want a balance between praise and criticism, so they know what parts about their MOC is good, and what is bad, so they can improve.

While over praising is one thing, being overly critical is another, flaming and bashing will not be tolerated. The punishment will vary depending on the level of anger in the member's post.

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PostSubject: Re: Guidelines for this sector. READ BEFORE POSTING.   Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:52 am

Well.. if the MOCs aren't copyrighted then we could use them, right? Even if they aren't "My Own Creation"? flag
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Guidelines for this sector. READ BEFORE POSTING.
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